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Three Today

Never did we think we would be arranging a party for our child, never did we think we would be celebrating our child’s birthday but we did and we are today. Celebrate Pudding turning 3 today after him being with us for 10 months (which feels like forever). We originally wanted to go all out …

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8th Jan 2020

This week we received some very exciting news. We received the court date, the date we find out whether we will become Pudding’s Dad and Daddy. On the 8th January 2020, we find out whether Judge Lynn Roberts thinks we are suitable parents to Pudding. She will then either grant the adoption order or not. …

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The Forms Are In

The papers on in!! Yay. We went to our local family court to hand in the adoption order forms to finally adopt Pudding. Pudding has only been with us for 8 months but feels like he’s been here his whole short life. When we were going through the process, we always said that we would …

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My Final Week

As I sit here, writing this blog post on a Monday evening and after having a great day. Knowing that this time next Monday I would have just got in from work after finishing my first day back to work after 5 weeks is pretty shit.


Phone Rings… I’m looking at my phone screen and there’s our social worker’s name, flashing like Christmas lights on a dark frosty night. I shout “Tim”! I answer the phone, telling Ann that Tim isn’t in the room yet… We both wait and then she says “Congratulations”. from then on we talk about the ifs buts and …

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Tick Tock

So… I know the clocks went back on Sunday but I’m pretty sure they only go back an hour, not 48??? I Should Explain When we received our great news that we had been ‘approved’ (this only being a recommendation) we needed to wait for the final approval from the ADM (agency decision maker) for …

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Autumn Crafts

Darran, as usual, wasn’t ready at all which meant him leaving the house with curly hair (shock). We were asked to arrive promptly at 9.30 but arrive at 9.33. I’m panicking (I hate being late) but as we drive up to the place we see other adopters we know strolling down the road which made me chill! We walk to the entrance and give our names to a social worker which was a man – never see one of these before

What A Week!!!

Firstly, I want to dedicate this blog to my Aunt Wendy and Uncle Steve. Yesterday, they laid to rest their youngest son. He was a Daddy to two beautiful children, a brother to 3 amazing siblings and had a huge network of friends and family who all said goodbye! When we say “What A Week” …

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None The Wiser

We have many different stages coming up, so I suppose we should fill you in…Having a conversation with Ann about the ‘next steps’ and ‘the boys’ we have so much to take in. Ann discussed how the next steps could pan out after panel (literally 4 sleeps 😬). It could all start happening quite quickly once we start the proceedings with our forever child.

Profiling Event

On Saturday, September 29th 2018 we attended a Profiling Event in London at Barnardos. We went to this not knowing what to expect but knowing that we will be looking at many children’s profiles that are needing a ‘Forever Home’.

Meeting Ann

Its June 20th 2018 and we have received an email from Ann our Social Worker that has been assigned to us to complete our Stage 2 Assessment.

Its June 20th 2018 and we have received an email from Ann our Social Worker that has been assigned to us to complete our Stage 2 Assessment.

She wants to meet us on Friday 22nd…….yes you are reading right that’s a 2-day notice to meet our Social worker. we are going to meet every week for the next 9 weeks.

Adoption: Stage Two

Still buzzing about our acceptance onto Stage Two, we have the option to take a 6-month gap before we start the next step. However, we don’t want to waste any time. We email Caroline like a pair of excited gays front row at a Lady Gaga concert. We ask for her to email us some dates for the 3 Day Preparation Training Day, which we have to attend. Its the morning of June 6th 2018 and the next 3 days are intense!

Adoption: Stage One

Stage One Starts………… And boy does it flow thick and fast from now on.

On the 18th of January, Essex County Council posted us out a letter saying our “Acceptance of Registration of Interest” 

which brought such excitement and nerves of what is to happen next.

Why We Decided To Adopt

I suppose the title of this should be ” Why We Decided To Document Everything”.

The reason being is because we are currently at the end of stage two waiting for the panel to happen (more to follow on this) and having finished our 9 weeks of visits from our social worker, we decided it would be a great way of documenting our journey into finding our Forever Family

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