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We were invited to a press event to showcase the new Duplo Valley which opened at Legoland this month. We weren’t asked to put this on Instagram or the blog but to come along and experience the new zone.

What a Year

And what a year it was! 2019 was a mental year, a year we made many memories we will treasure forever. Not only did we become dads to our amazing baby boy we WON a wedding at the beautiful Peckforton Castle. 23-year-old Tim If you asked a 23-year-old Tim, who was still living at home …

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Party Prep

The little dude’s party prep is well underway. Pudding turns 3 on December 12th and we’re having his party on December 7th. We wanted to make this birthday special as this is probably the first ‘proper’ birthday he has had so far. He spent his first birthday with his birth mum, and we guess not …

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First Party Invite

On Saturday, we were invited to celebrate Xander’s (Madlads) third birthday at ‘Party Pod’ in Kent. This was the first official party invite he has received. EVER (we think) It all started Friday night when we were rushing around Asda and Tesco trying to find a Halloween costume that Pudding would wear. We weren’t sure …

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Two Brothers

Yesterday was the day that pudding re-connected with his brother since moving in with us, and boy was it an emotional one. We started the day well, Darran’s mum and dad surprised him on Friday so it was a late one Friday night for Darran (3 am)! we all got up, had breakfast and Bampa …

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“I’m Gay”

Back in 2002 living with my Aunt and Uncle, who I now class as my parents. I felt it was time to come out to them. Being 18 it was so hard to tell them the real me. I decided to write it down in a letter and ‘move out’. When my parents called me on my Nokia 3210 (so cool back then). It was so scary the thought of answering the phone, but I did and they asked me to come home to discuss ‘the letter’. I’m literally freaking out!!!

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