First Party Invite

On Saturday, we were invited to celebrate Xander’s (Madlads) third birthday at ‘Party Pod’ in Kent. This was the first official party invite he has received. EVER (we think)

It all started Friday night when we were rushing around Asda and Tesco trying to find a Halloween costume that Pudding would wear.

We weren’t sure how he would take dressing in ‘scary’ clothing. We got him a dinosaur tail which you wrap around his waist that he absolutely hated so we had no idea how he would take to this.

The morning of

We showed him the costume we bought on Friday and he screamed and ran away. GREAT!!!!

The only way he would get into this scary spider costume is for us to both dance around and make out that this is the best thing ever!!

It worked!! He let us put it on and it stayed on until we took it off 6 hours later.

The party

We set off at 9.20. Again, we’re late but I’m used to this now.

Darran give me the postcode and we were off. The journey should take us about 40 minutes. Fast forward 40 minutes we ‘get’ to the destination or so we thought. We arrive in front of a HOUSE!

Darran, check the postcode please

Tim said through gritted teeth

Ohhh, shit! I’ve missed the 4 out

Darran replied


We finally arrive at the ‘Party Pod’ in Kent where the party had already started. We usher Pudding into the hall where the kids are running around, the music is blaring and the party host looks like she’s on acid.

Pudding was apprehensive at first, wanting to be picked up, not leaving our sides. With some reassurance and some nudging to join in, he started to feel more at ease. He then discovered the light-up dance floor. It was game over from there. He absolutely loved dancing his little heart out and only stopped for some food.

It was so lovely to see him take yet something else that was new to him in his stride. Let’s make sure there are many more parties he gets invited to.


After the party had finished, it was time for the adults to chill and have a beer (or 4 if you’re Darran). We were kindly invited to a pub in Maidstone by Sam and Emma who had hired a room out for close friends and family.

Watching Pudding play with Xander and the older kids was lovely to see. The friendship he and Xander are building is just beautiful. 

We stayed at the pub for a few hours and didn’t really see Pudding. He was too busy off playing and getting Emma’s mum wrapped around his little finger

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