The Lincoln-Shaw’s

As you may have seen on Instagram we decdied to change our name from @twopoofsandapudding to @the_lincolnshaws.

When we started the account and this blog we didn’t know what child would be part of this family. A boy/girl, baby, toddler or even a teenager.

Sine the Adoption order was granted, we have been speaking a lot about changing our name as we feel that our account/lives have evolved from @twopoofsandapudding.

We’d spoken to family and our friends as to what we would name ourselves. We came up with;

  • LifeWithLeo
  • Leos2dads
  • dadschoice
  • itsa2dadslife
  • fulltimedads
  • raisedbydads

Now that we are a family (legally). We thought it was time to look at changing our Instagram and blog name to tie in with our family. A family that will grow with more children and we don’t want it to be just about Pudding. When more mini humans come into our fold we want them all to be included.

We also feel that as we are lucky enough to be able to work with companies through Instagram, again something we thought never would happen. We want to be more inclusive. Lincoln-Shaw is our family name and we are so proud of it.

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