“I’m Gay”

So today is ‘National Coming Out Day’ and I thought I would share my coming out story…

Back in 2002 living with my Aunt and Uncle, who I now class as my parents. I felt it was time to come out to them. Being 18 it was so hard to tell them the real me. I decided to write it down in a letter and ‘move out’. When my parents called me on my Nokia 3210 (so cool back then). It was so scary the thought of answering the phone, but I did and they asked me to come home to discuss ‘the letter’. I’m literally freaking out!!!

Beating Heart

I head home (friend in tow for support), open the door, begin to climb up the flight of stairs. We lived in a townhouse so the living room was upstairs….. my heart is beating ten to the dozen. Entering the living room both parents are sitting on the sofa (heart still beating), I ask “did you read my letter” (noticing it wasn’t on the fireplace where id left it), to which they reply “yes”.


Literally frozen to the spot, my dad then goes on to say “your spelling and grammar is shocking”. After initially being confused and having to repeat my question “have you read the letter”. I began to realise that they didn’t care whether I was gay or not, they still loved me for who I am. SO… I suppose what I’m getting at is.

If it wasn’t for the love and care my parents have given me over the years, I don’t think I would be as comfortable in my skin. Therefore today I’m sitting here after our final meeting with our social worker with the man I’m madly in love with, planning out our future which we hope consists of a full house of happy children.

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