What a Year

And what a year it was!

2019 was a mental year, a year we made many memories we will treasure forever. Not only did we become dads to our amazing baby boy we WON a wedding at the beautiful Peckforton Castle.

23-year-old Tim

If you asked a 23-year-old Tim, who was still living at home with mummy and daddy, still in the closet, going out every weekend getting messed up and looking rather FAT that he would be married and have a child by the end of the decade he would probably have laughed, told you to shut up and downed a vodka and lemonade. 

I never thought in a million years that I would have changed from being an overweight, depressed, sad person to being the happiest I have ever been in 10 years. I mean, 10 years is a bloody long time but when you’ve convinced yourself you will never be truly happy, will never truly be yourself, will never find someone to love and to love you back and never become a dad you kind of give up on life. Well, I kinda did.


We started introductions with Pudding. This included 5 playdates starting 11th Jan and then 11 days of transitioning (25/01-01/02).

Meeting Pudding
Meeting Schedule 


After finishing our transition schedule Pudding finally moved in on February 6th 2018. 

‘Bringing Pudding Home’


We celebrated our first Father’s Day. Something Darran and I thought would never happen.

Also in June, we meet with Pudding’s half brother’s grandparents to discuss the two boys meeting each other again which happened a couple of weeks after.

Our First Contact
Two Brothers


We had our first summer as a family of 3 and I also celebrated me turning 33 as a DAD

First Birthday As A Dad


WE GOT MARRIED. Not much else to say about August apart from Thank you to everyone who voted

The Big Day


Pudding was invited to his party. We were both anxious about how Pudding would be with loud music and loads of kids. We had nothing to worry about. He loved it.

First Party Invite


Our little boy turned 3. It’s hard to believe that we have a child let alone a 3-year-old. We also got to celebrate our first Christmas as a 4 (Onyx)

Three Today
Our First Christmas

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