The little dude’s party prep is well underway. Pudding turns 3 on December 12th and we’re having his party on December 7th.

We wanted to make this birthday special as this is probably the first ‘proper’ birthday he has had so far.

He spent his first birthday with his birth mum, and we guess not much happened. Maybe some present but who knows?! His second birthday was in care and he spent the day in a contact centre meeting with his birth mum and brother.

We spoke about hiring a hall and being full-on. Bouncy castle, Little city, balloons the full works. We decided to go and view some venues a few weeks back but unfortunately as Christmas is a week or so away from the 12th everything was booked out.


He did find a little village hall in Chelmsford which was free, and we were going to hire Little City Chelmsford to come in but decided to have a low-key party this year.

Pudding LOVES diggers! The kid is obsessed with them. No idea why but he is 

So, this year’s theme is diggers! Diggers, diggers and more diggers. We’ve managed to get a digger theme part pack off Amazon. The pack included 2 helium digger balloons, construction paper plates and cups and wall banners.

We’ve also got our hands on construction tape and 2 large toy dump trucks which we will place in the middle of the table and use for cake stands.

We are also thinking of making some kind of a construction site at the front of the house but we’re not sure yet. If anyone has any ideas on this please help us!

We’ve also got these cool little construction lunchboxes we are going to use as party bags and are thinking of filling them like an actual lunch box.

Darran wants these marshmallow sandwiches but not many people stock them. The ones who are, are only selling them in bulk – 20 for £24!!! And we’ve also got these Candy Cans

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