Our First Fathers Day

Growing up I never really celebrated Father’s Day because my birth dad was never really around. Today was probably the first time I realised how precious little moments like today can be.

Celebrating our very first Father’s Day felt so special. When I was younger I used to dream about becoming a father and used to think about how Father’s Day would look. I used to think I would have a big grand day out with the whole family. A cake with Happy Father’s Day written on it and my son or daughter bringing me breakfast in bed. Gifts are given to me by my children and the day being all about me.

Today was far from that dream I used to have. We started the day with a few gifts and cards. Having breakfast together, before we all took a late morning nap. even though that day is called ‘Fathers Day’, it really is about our Son. Our son, who now has a safe and secure home and is able to celebrate the fact that he has two dads. Today was about him and will always be about him. We would always want to do something that he wants to do.

Our day today has felt so special because both of us at some point in our life thought that it would never happen. Although spending the day walking in the woods, having fun jumping in puddles then feeding the ducks really is what today is all about. Having fun.

Father’s Day today has been the best day yet. Getting to celebrate this day with our Son and as a family unit is and always will be a memory we will never forget.

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  1. I love that Pudding now gets to celebrate this day because of you two amazing humans. Can’t wait to see those hand made cards and gifts coming home from school as he grows xx

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