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As we’re full steam ahead with meeting Pudding we thought it would be a good idea to give more information on how these meetings work and for how long. So here goes……

As you know we had matching panel on Monday 7th Jan where we got a unanimous YES! We were always told that we had to wait up to 14 working days for the Agency Decision Maker (ADM) letter to make it official.

After being given the news, Ioana (family social worker) & Nikki (stepping in for Ann) started discussing when we can start the meetings. As we receive a unanimous yes, Nikki said we could start pretty much straight away.

Darran and I both returned to work on Wednesday 9th Jan not really thinking when we will start the meetings until we received an email from Ioana on Wednesday afternoon letting us know that they are in fact starting on Friday 11th! Holy mother of all fucks!!

We have 5 play dates with Pudding before we start the transition week

Play Dates

  • Friday 11th – 13.30-15.30
  • Sunday 13th – 13.30-15.30
  • Wednesday 16th – 12.30-14:00
  • Saturday 19th – 10 am until Pudding goes down for a nap
  • Tuesday 22nd – 10 am to take Pudding out with his foster care

Transition Meeting

We have a transition meeting on Wednesday 16th. This is to discuss how from 25th Jan – 1st Feb will play out. This is the week where we spend EVERY single day with Pudding. We can’t wait!

January 25th


We have to arrive at the foster carers for 8am so we observe the breakfast and lunch routine and spend some time playing with Pudding

January 26th


We arrive at 11.30 to feed Pudding his lunch and spend some time playing. We also get to take him out with his foster carer before returning for the evening and bedtime routine.

January 27th


Spend time playing with Pudding before taking him out on our own locally for lunch.

January 28th


Arrive early to give Pudding his breakfast and to dress him and spend the rest of the morning playing

January 29th


Arrive by 2pm and spend the afternoon playing with Pudding. Feed him his dinner and get him ready for bed

January 30th

Day off

January 31st


Foster carer brings Pudding to our home for the first time. They stay over for lunch. Pudding returns home

February 1st


Foster care brings Pudding to our home and stays for about 1 hour to get him settled. We spend time with Pudding show him around his new home and bedroom before returning him to foster carer

February 2nd

10am-after dinner

Foster carer brings Pudding to our home and leaves to allow Pudding to spend the day with us. We return Pudding to the foster career after dinner and help with bedtime

February 3rd

Day off

February 4th


We collect Pudding from the foster carer and bring him home for the day before returning him for dinner/bedtime

February 5th

Placement Day

We arrive at the foster carer for 9am. We travel to the hospital appointment.

February 6th

Facetime with the foster carer

February 7th

Foster carer visits Pudding at our home

and it begins…

So that’s that! Our new life as a 3 begins.

I have to mention that each transition is completely different and has to fit in with what’s right for the child/children

4 Responses

  1. Loving all the information. Enjoying following you on Instagram. Will be following you all the time now. Looking forward to all your new adventures with pudding. You guys rock xx

  2. Hi guys

    It’s lovely to be able to follow your journey with your pudding. I’d like to ask what are your thoughts regarding concurrent planning/foster to adopt as opposed to “normal adoption”. I have often thought of adoption but have been told that the foster to adopt scheme is the way forward if you are interested in potentially adopting children under the age of 2. My husband and I would ideally like to adopt a baby as we already have a biological child so I was wondering if it really is impossible or much harder to find a baby through the pathway of a regular adoption. Thank you ever so much and wish you all the best xxx

  3. Just found you from insta, and will be thinking about you 3 today as you have a full day with pudding (2nd Feb – hope you have some snow to play out in!!) and can’t wait to follow the amazing journey you are all on. Best Wishes from Blackpool xx

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