Never did we think we would be arranging a party for our child, never did we think we would be celebrating our child’s birthday but we did and we are today.

Celebrate Pudding turning 3 today after him being with us for 10 months (which feels like forever).

We originally wanted to go all out for his party, hire a venue, hire entertainers – go big or go home! But seeing as it’s December, all the evens you looked at had already been booked out for Christmas.

We then decided to actually have a small gathering for family and friends at our house. Pudding is only 3 so would he really of understood what all of this was, would he have got overwhelmed with it all? Who knows!

Party Day

STRESSFUL!!! The day before, Darran’s mum and dad came down from Wales which was a godsend as we needed all hands available to help prepare. 

As soon as I got in from work I was back out heading to The Range to pick up the last few bits we needed. We then headed to Darran’s old work colleague to pick up quiche (in our eyes, the worlds best quiche) and some cupcakes. 

Back home, Pudding was just being put to bed while I popped over to the chippie.

The Preparation 

Although we went for an intimate party we still wanted to dress the house in diggers (he looooooves diggers) with 2 diggers and a number 3 balloon.

A few arguments later it was midnight and I was knackered. There was still lots to do but I need my bed so left Darran downstairs.

Saturday Morning

The morning starts with showing Pudding downstairs and he loved it. Shouting DIGGER non-stop for about an hour. Darran had finished most things (bless) but there were a few more things to do. 

Darran started cooking, I started bringing the garden furniture down for the smokers and more people that needed some peace and quiet lol

Every start arriving from 11 am and the party started. Pudding loved having his friends and cousins around, playing upstairs and just generally running riot.

Darran made the perfect games master and was in his element. We had musical diggers (diggers printed on paper for them to stand on as we didn’t have 12 chairs to use), pass the parcel, pin the stop sign on the digger and smashing the shit out of the pinata.

All in all, the party was a great success but would we do it again? FUCK NO! From now on, parties will be in a hired hall, outside catering and entertainers will all be hired in.

12th December

Today is Pudding’s actual birthday. We started the day by opening presents, lots of presents. He got Woody, Jessie, Mr & Mrs Patoto head, some books, some Mr Tumble gear and some Het Duggee.

We then went off to the Haywain for some birthday Breakfast which he loved. After breakfast, we headed to Smyth’s toy story to spend some birthday money. 

After spending a small fortune in the toy story we headed home to get some playtime in before nap time.

Letter To Our Son

To Our Son.

We write this letter to you while you’re still so small.

One day we will blink and you’ll be big and tall.

We often look at that 18month old boy.

so innocent, troubled but still such a joy.

We can’t believe you’re already 3.

Life with you has been filled with glee.

It feels like you’ve been with us forever and a day.

Days filled with tantrums, fun and lots of play.

Reading your profile while getting that feeling.

We knew life was tough and it’s time for some healing.

Troubled beginnings right from the start.

It didn’t take long for you to grow in our heart.

Social workers tell us that you were hard to place.

A tiny little boy already losing the race.

A young mini human so small and misunderstood.

It didn’t take us long to give you the best that we could.

After our time when we met you at craft play.

When we emailed our social worker it was short not an essay.

We knew that day that you would be our son.

From that day it was all about you, we’d do anything we could to get it done.

10 months have since passed since you became our forever.

You’ll never have to struggle, not now nor ever.

You’re one of us.

A Lincoln gene through and through

The only thing we have to say is


Happy 3rd Birthday.

We will always love you.

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