So… I know the clocks went back on Sunday but I’m pretty sure they only go back an hour, not 48???

I Should Explain

When we received our great news that we had been ‘approved’ (this only being a recommendation) we needed to wait for the final approval from the ADM (agency decision maker) for them to make the final decision. Getting told that it would only take 10 working days for that to come through… Not that we’re counting but today is now the 12th day. Although we have been reassured that this is just formality and the decision wouldn’t change, it’s so nerve-wracking waiting on this email. I’m like a deranged ex-boyfriend constantly checking my phone to see if he’s sent an email. And yet we still don’t have one from the ADM.

In Other News

We received an email today from Ann (our social worker) wanting to arrange a day where we can meet with Ioana ( the puddings social worker) for us all to meet each other together to hopefully get the ball rolling with him. Tim and I keep looking at his profile and are getting more and more excited about the prospect of becoming ‘Dads’. Starting this process we thought it would be really hard finding ‘the right child’. Quickly realising that it’s not about what we want but about what’s best for the child. We really hope that this meeting goes well, then we can start moving on to become a family.

So What’s Next…

Fingers crossed we will get a meeting next week. Once that’s done we will let you all know what’s next.

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