The Forms Are In

The papers on in!! Yay. We went to our local family court to hand in the adoption order forms to finally adopt Pudding.

Pudding has only been with us for 8 months but feels like he’s been here his whole short life. When we were going through the process, we always said that we would put the forms in bang on 10 weeks (you legally have to have your child(ren) for a minimum of 10 weeks before you can) but that didn’t work out.

6 Months Later

We could have put the papers in a lot sooner but Darran’s passport had expired. As we were getting married, we couldn’t afford to pay for a new passport for us to then apply for another one after we got married.

We had to fill in an 11-page form, photocopy that 3 times, photocopy our passports, photocopy our marriage certificate and pay £170 for court fees! I mean, £170 is an absolute piss-take but it’s a price we will pay to become Pudding’s legal parents.

Generally, this last process will take roughly 20 weeks, but we are hoping social services are ready to submit their paperwork.

They have been on our case for a long time to get these forms into the court.

After SS submit their paperwork, the court will contact Pudding’s birth family. This is to inform them that myself and Darran are indenting to adopt Pudding. The birth family can then contest this adoption with the court. They have to have a pretty good reason as to why we shouldn’t adopt him.

There is no way in gods name that Pudding or any child can go back to their birth family as soon as an adoption order is granted.

What is an Adoption Order?

For a child to be put up for adoption, SS first need to try everything in their power to keep the child(ren) with their birthday family. If this doesn’t work, the SS need to go to the family courts for an adoption order. The judge then looks at the information and either grants one or wants SS and the birth family to work harder.

No child can be put up for adoption until a judge grants this.

This may sound selfish but luckily for us (and Pudding too) his birth mother/family don’t want anything to do with him. It’s really upsetting to know that, but his birth mother has her own issues to deal with so it’s best for Pudding to be with people that can care for him and give him the life he deserves.

We’re not worried that his birth family will contest this adoption so by the end of 20 weeks (sooner hopefully) Myself and Darran will be Pudding’s LEGAL PARENTS

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