Profiling Event

On Saturday, September 29th 2018 we attended a Profiling Event in London at Barnardos.

We went to this not knowing what to expect but knowing that we will be looking at many children’s profiles that are needing a ‘Forever Home’.

Arriving with time to spare (of course, Darran gets a chocolate bar and a Redbull). Entering the building we were welcomed by an amazing team of Social Workers, Outreach Workers and Senior Practitioners.

Holding pen..

After signing in we were directed to the holding pen (lol) to see many other couples sitting there nervously waiting. A lot of these faces we recognised at training days we’ve attended. After being given a brief about how the day works,  going in there with an open mind, as-well-as to look at a specific profile we’ve already been shown.

We manage to speak to the little puddings social worker who gave us loads more information. We then looked at many more children’s profiles – WOW!

Can we have them all?..

By the end of the day, Darran had a headache but we managed to sit down and discuss the day which leads us to put in a ‘register of interest form’ for 4 mini-humans.  If it was up to us we would adopt all 4 and have done with it, but it not possible.

So….. we now have the ball rolling on 4 profiles and we are getting closer to panel which is less than 2 weeks away……….Eek!

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    1. Your mini human will have the best parents and obviously we will be there with our mini human to enjoy the ride together.

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