Its June 20th 2018 and we have received an email from Ann our Social Worker that has been assigned to us to complete our Stage 2 Assessment.

She wants to meet us on Friday 22nd…….yes you are reading right that’s a 2-day notice to meet our Social worker. we are going to meet every week for the next 9 weeks.

Visits, visits, visits..

The first visit is just an introduction and to plan out our next 8 weeks of visits and diarise them all.

I think I speak for both of us when I say we are never that organised. but it was great to meet her and we looked forward to the next 8 weeks.

Our visits consisted of 8 home visits, both having to be present! A visit with Tim’s Parents, a visit where Dan & Sara and Laura came to our home to be interviewed about us. We each had a one to one with Ann.

Talk, talk, talk..

Over the past 9 weeks, we have really got to know Ann and she has really got to know us. We’ve talked about so many things and opened up so much about our past and what we want our future to look like. During this time we have attended 3 Training days which were: ‘Sibling Workshop’, ‘Early Permanence’ (EP) and ‘Theraplay’.

On the courses, we have learnt how these training days are so important. From day one me and Tim have always wanted a young child to come into our lives as we thought that the younger they are the fewer problems they would come with, ………….Oh, how we were wrong!!

It’s September 5th 2018

We completed our last session with Ann today, boy, was that an emotional day for all of us. There were a few tears shed and a relief that we have completed 9 weeks of sessions but also the dread that there was nothing more we could say and we just had to wait for out PAR ( prospective adopters report) to arrive in the post.

It’s September 28th

‘KNOCK KNOCK, it’s our PAR…………….YAY! Tim is at work and I’m about to leave for work so we decided to spend the weekend reading it, and by it I mean 61 pages which needed to be proofread before we send it back to Ann.

It’s October 2nd 2018

We have just emailed over our PAR signed and dated for it to be sent to panel which is now less than 2 weeks away…………….. Oh.My.God! we are so nervous but SO excited.

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  1. I also always thought, the younger the child (young babies) less traumas they would carry, isn’t that so? Would love to hear more about that if you don’t mind as I always envisioned adopting a baby for that same reason. Found your blog via Instagram. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you

    1. Hi Andrea, we thought, the younger the child the fewer problems but this is not always the case. every child has their own issues and sometimes a verbal child is easier to explain too. There is EP (early permanence) route but this also comes with many issues. I suppose once you start the journey you’ll find your own path.

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