Phone Rings… I’m looking at my phone screen and there’s our social worker’s name, flashing like Christmas lights on a dark frosty night. I shout “Tim”!

I answer the phone, telling Ann that Tim isn’t in the room yet… We both wait and then she says “Congratulations”. from then on we talk about the ifs buts and maybes and what happens next. We got told it was a lengthy meeting but after careful consideration, they agree we are a good match and we become ‘Formally Linked’. There’s still lots to do and lots we have to get our head around but this is the first step of pure happiness.

Could I Ring Any More People?

Ann called us at 17:07. It’s now 19:22, we’ve just finished the calls to our friends and family. My eyes are burning from all the tears but we are so over the moon and couldn’t wait to share it with people. Parents got called first and its an emotional call from the start. Telling our parents that we are getting closer to becoming parents ourselves is just so overwhelming. Friends get called next, from Essex, Kent, Carlisle, Scarborough, Newcastle, Bristol to Wales we’ve heard all our friend’s beautiful voices and squeals of excitement. More tears of happiness. Tim and I are over the moon and so excited to share the next steps with everyone.

What’s Next…

We should find out more this week but there are talks to plan play dates in December and meeting his foster career too. We should get a panel date within the next week or so then shit gets real… This Week Has Been Mental From The Start. It’s Tuesday 20th and Tim and I have the day off. Today is the day we go to meet the puddings, medical advisor. We decide to have a fun-filled day of Christmas shopping and putting the decorations up. ( they are still all over the floor and here’s why) Yes, I know its November but this is our last Christmas as a duo so we want it to be a long one. The Day starts off like ‘Normal’.

We pop and run some errands before we need to head off to see the medical advisor. The meeting is at 1 pm and it’s about 12:20 pm. Tim is in the Post Office sending off his shitty Samsung phone because he’s cracked the screen. He comes back to the car and bends over to get something from the front seat… I’m doing my first ever Instagram video (which didn’t get posted). I hear this god almighty moan… Tim looks in agony, I run in the shop to pay for the postage of the item. Come back out and Tim is bent over holding onto the car door, telling me through a grimaced voice ” I think I’ve put my back out”.

He climbs into the back of the car and lays down. I get in the front seat, drive home (I’m a learner, so it’s a terrifying journey). Get Tim indoors to where he collapses onto the floor and can’t move as the pain is too much. It 12:31 and we need to get to see the medical advisor. I call Tims mum and she comes round to save the day. Tim is laying on the floor. After calling 111 and our doctors. I quote ” don’t mean to be selfish but one of us has to get to this meeting” ( I know I’m a cold-hearted bitch). Panic had set in and I didn’t want to miss what was an important meeting. I head off to the meeting, thanks to Tims Dad. Arriving late we sit down and discuss the little pudding.

Blue Lights

Pulling up outside our house I see an ambulance. Instantly thinking that can’t be for Tim. Walkthrough the door, Tim is hooked up to a machine and being given Gas & Air! (I thought I was the drama queen). The paramedics mention he could have a slipped disc. I instantly Google it, the first thing that screams out at me is ‘rest for 6 weeks’ We head off to the hospital, of course, I share it with everyone on Instagram (seemed to go down well). Once we get there we get booked in, put into a cubicle and in the words of a doctor “sorry you seemed to have been forgotten about”.

Yes, we had been there 3 hours before anyone came to see us. I’m fucking bored out my face and whipped out a book to read and kept documenting Tim in agony. 7 hours later we get discharged and head home. What a fucking day… If he didn’t want to go Christmas shopping he could have just said instead of making this cock and bull story of a bad back.

In Other News

I’ve had a fab few weeks of meeting some inspirational women. Went to a Book Fest to meet Rachaele (Part-Time Working Mummy) and listen to her amazing story, her book, by the way, is an emotional read. There I also met the hilarious Laura from Knee Deep In Life. That night ended up me acting like a teenager and staying out and heading to work the next day in the same clothes… So, to say the least, this last few weeks have been full-on. I’m not fucking joking. However, we are so looking forward to the next steps… Off to put the tree up and have a celebratory drink.

12 Responses

  1. Oh Darren and Tim so, so happy for you and this little fella coming in to your life, it’s life changing in the best possible way in a way you can’t explain until it happens 🤗
    Poor Tim I have had a bad back so have lots of sympathy best thing I did was to invest in a tens machine and it’s worked for me for pain relief and repair 👏🏻
    Once again well done daddy’s I wish lots of love and happiness 🤣❤️🤣

  2. Love this, it’s funny, I read it then read it again I get emotional (as we do) then I read it again and end with a proud smile across my face one more step closer to being a “great aunty” I can not wait to meet this little pudding I love him already xxx

    1. Thanks, aunty Wendy. You’ve been a great help and support. The Pudding is just going to love his ‘crazy aunty Wendy’ just like we do xxx

  3. This is fab!
    Love your honest account of this crazy journey!
    My husband and I have been in our quest for a family for more than 6 years now we decided last May to embark on this long emotional rollercoaster!
    So this is a great read!
    Good luck I will b awaiting your nx move! X

    1. Thanks for your support, Kate. It’s been a long emotional rollercoaster and there is still a way to go but in the end, it will all be worth it. Good luck to you both, keep us posted xx

  4. Congratulations another step closer. Sorry to hear about your back Tim I feel your pain and your happiness all at the same time. Thinking of you all and looking forward to hearing the next news xxx

  5. Congratulations guys you are gunna be a fab little family, hope you ok Tim, love reading this blog you make me chuckle xx

  6. Fantastic ❤❤…. you made me a little teary and then a little leaky…. so funny… huge congratulations to you both…hope your back is better soon ❤❤

  7. Words cant explain how super excited i am for you guys!!! Im so bloody happy right now ❤ really looking forward to meeting little pudding. Xxx

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