It’s SW Central In Here

Firstly I should apologise for not blogging quick enough. I feel too fucking busy sometimes but I love sitting at the right time and blabbing out, it’s almost like therapy.

So here goes…

The Night Before The Meeting

It’s December 3rd and we have the mother of all meetings tomorrow. I’ve just done a whole weekend in work, I’m shattered, I should be cleaning the house but all I want to do is lay on the sofa in my pants and watch shitty TV so that’s what I decided to do.

The weekend we/ Tim decided to start on the Puddings Bedroom. I say start on it, but in actual fact, we have over the last few months turned a spare room which was liveable to a room with no furniture and our shit all over the floor. It was about time we started putting all our shit in that room in our bedroom, this meant a whole wardrobe move round to cram in 50,000 coats we own… Seriously we have way too many, its a joke!

Giving you a little insight into our life. We currently have a huge pile of coats on our bed, a gigantic pile of shoes and boots on our floor and a mountain of jumpers waiting to be folded. All this has been ripped out our wardrobe and needs putting back, in some sort of order.

I quote from a dear friend “you do pick your fucking moments”

It’s So Early

My alarm is going off, it is 5:30 am.

Its December 4th and today is the Mother Of All Meetings.

Firstly I have a driving lesson at 7:00 am (yes I’m 34 and don’t drive). My driving instructor has become my counsellor. As soon as I get in the car all I rant about is how much I have to do before the SWs come round.

Getting back home I get an email from Ann (our SW) saying she wants to come round early to see us before everyone else gets around. Replying… ‘Yeah that’s fine’. When really we’re thinking, FUCK!!!

The running around the house to get things sorted commences.

It’s Happening

Ann has been here 40mins already and now there’s a knock on the door. Ioana is here with the Foster Carer’s SW. Everyone takes a seat on the sofa. I’ve got the kettle on, taking orders like some new Christmas temp in the local cafe.

We are all now waiting for the Foster Carer to arrive and right on cue ‘knock knock’.

“She’s here”. It’s SW Central!

All of a sudden, we are like two kids on Christmas morning. We are all about to start talking about the main man himself.

Take To The Stage

The Foster Carer starts talking about Pudding. Tim and I are on the edge of our seats listening intently to what she is saying. We must have looked like we had never heard a human speak before the way we were staring at her.

Listening to the FC honestly melted our hearts, the love she has for our little man is heartwarming. Knowing that he is in a loving home with someone that wants the best for him. She has been amazing at getting him to become the mini human he is today. It is a credit to her.

Hearing stories about the little man and listening to how far he has come since being in care really is amazing.

The foster care also told us his likes and dislikes.

We heard about what size clothes he’s in and most importantly what size shoes he wears (I’m a store manager in a shoe shop).

She went on informing us what makes him tick, what makes him laugh, what makes him cry and that music is a massive part of his life and he loves to sing himself.

We could write forever and ever about what we heard but we don’t want to give everything away.

3 And A Half Hours Later

The house is back to being ‘just us two’, there are coffee cups everywhere.

I suppose we need to cherish these moments as before we know it we are going to have a bundle of joy in our lives, and we can’t wait.

Every time I write something about what our lives are going to be like I get this weird feeling in my chest.

Another meeting in the bag and another step closer to becoming a family of 4 (the cat obvs).

8 Responses

  1. I love love love reading this .. I’m so happy for u both.. ur gonna make such amazing and extremely funny parents 😘😘😘😘😘mwah πŸ’‹ xxxxxxx
    Love aunty Myra ❀️

  2. So happy for you, and pleased everything is young smoothly. When you write your love and passion for a child shines through. 😊

  3. Oh Darren you always manage to bring a tear to my eye πŸ˜ͺ just so moving.
    Becoming a parent is the best in the world and makes sense of everything.
    The journey is coming to and end and a whole new one starts πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
    Also I do think you should think about writing a book to inspire others…..cos your bloody good with words I’m sure it would take a lot of pressure off others starting the process 😘😘❀️❀️

  4. I’ve only recently started following you guys but I’m blown away already.
    One of my best friends is a foster carer and I have seen the process from her side…raising babies until they get their forever home! Little Pudding is so lucky to be getting such a loving home! Good Luck for the rest of the process and can’t wait to hear more 😘

    1. Hi Katy, thank you for stopping by. Its so nice that people are on this journey with us too. We can’t wait for the Pudding to come home. Not long now and he’ll be here 😊

  5. My heart is pounding with every word I read, proud to become a part of a little puddings life 😍 I love you both you know that and can’t wait to say hello to your little pudding who will be your center of attention for the rest of your lives XX 😘

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