None The Wiser

I’m sitting here after inhaling a packet of Jaffa Cakes (yes I’m stressed). Ann has just left and we are both ‘none the wiser’.

We have many different stages coming up,  so I suppose we should fill you in…Having a conversation with Ann about the ‘next steps’ and ‘the boys’  we have so much to take in. Ann discussed how the next steps could pan out after panel (literally 4 sleeps 😬). It could all start happening quite quickly once we start the proceedings with our forever child.


This in itself is scary but an exciting thought, knowing what the next steps are has put Tim and me at ease. Speaking in our ‘WhatsApp Group’ with the other parents to be, I’ve been worrying about panel and how it’s all coming to an end. Our friend Katie made us realise that this is not the end, in fact, the start of something amazing.

We also got A LOT more info on the boys we have registered interest with. Tim and I both thought this might clear up some questions we’ve had looming since the profiling event……. This is not the case!

Still none the wiser..

I’m currently sprawled across the sofa (verbal diarrhoea typing on the laptop), Tim is at the table ‘working from home’. Both not really knowing any more about the boys that are grabbing our heart.

What we do know is we still have a strong feeling for two of the boys and we get to meet them both next week at a crafting event. This event is where ‘prospective approved adopters’ ( fingers crossed we will be in 4 days) go and meet with the children looking for their Forever Family.


Knowing that we are meeting ‘the boys’ next week is really exciting. Having viewed videos of the boys and reading about their life history so far, we are keen to see them in person and hopefully feel that connection everyone talks about. Something has already pulled at our heartstrings with these boys, we look forward to having it pulled more…

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  1. Do excited for you both, it’s anaz what you are doing. You are both amazing people and are going to be fun, fair, just fabulous parents. Xx

  2. Ditto to the above comments ten fold,
    Darren you were my Mng (very good one) and you were missed you had so much potential to be the best cosmetics Mng just think Hof was in turmoil then and now.
    You are both going to be the best parents it’s a joy and labour of love and life changing in the best way 😘

  3. Can’t wait to see your exciting story unfold Darren I wish you both the best of luck you two X

  4. This is NY Tim Shaw…I too am an adoptive dad…My wife and I adopted Jakey 18 years ago from Korea…i can’t even tell you where the time went. I’m happy to hear that another Tim Shaw is going to enjoy the thrill of being a dad as much as I have. Congratulations to you both. — I just want to add by the way, your reviewal process is WAY more comprehensive than ours was.

    1. Thanks NY Tim Shaw. We started the process November last year and I can’t believe where the time has gone. The process has improved considerably over the last few years but still very much full on. We’re hoping to welcome a little pudding into the family early next year.

  5. Fingers crossed all the way for you both, you know I love you and one day a child will feel that from you two xxxx

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