Meeting Pudding: Day One

Day One of meeting Pudding couldn’t have gone better than it did. It was an amazing afternoon that Darran and I have been waiting over a year for. We got to meet OUR SON!

We both were working in the morning, luckily I got to work from home but Darran had to be in for 7am – unlucky lol I made sure I booked my dairy out to keep myself busy and my mind off of meeting him.

ready to leave

Midday comes and I set off to go pick Darran up. Music blaring and singing away to myself to keep my mind busy. Darran gets in the car and we both look at each other and take a deep breath.

All we spoke about on the way was just how amazing Rach (PTWM) and her followers are! We started yesterday on 2106 followers and now we’re on 3,894 and it’s still going up! We just want to say THANK YOU to every old and new follower for the love, support and messages we receive on a daily basis. You guys ROCK!


We arrive at the foster carers house 20 minutes early. Not wanting to seem too eager we park up down the road outside some old peoples home. We must have looked well dodge. We’ve been sitting there for about 10 minutes and I couldn’t wait any longer. So off we go.

We’re walking to the house both shitting bricks, not knowing what will happen, not knowing if we’re going to bond with him, not knowing if he is going to like us.

We get to the house and Darran rings the bell – it was broken. Darran taps on the window like some old fanny. No one was letting us in. Getting impatient I bang on the door and BAM, the foster carer is there, welcoming us in.

love at first sight

We walk into the living room and all I can hear is Pudding laughing. We walk in and he’s there, sitting in his highchair eating chocolate spread sarnies watching, and laughing at our DVD. He turns around, looks at us a little blankly and gives us this biggest smile. Right then, all our worries and doubts faded away.

We both take a seat and start chatting to the foster carer and social worker. Pudding has some building blocks on the table next to him and starts dropping them on the floor cracking up. We both start playing with him, laughing with him and just having a great time.

The next 3.5 hours were amazing. We sat on the floor playing, laughing, squealing, getting kisses and cuddles, high fives and fist bumps while having a really good chat with the foster carer.

bye for now

Those 3.5 hours felt like 5 minutes but it was time to say bye. We got another couple of kisses and cuddles and a goodbye wave! We’ll see you on Sunday SON!

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  1. So pleased you finally on the last leg. Am so glad you had an amazing time together. So happy for you guys. All 3 of you are very lucky to have each other. X

  2. oh my god this is all becoming real I am so happy that the love is real for you all and you had a great start with bonding
    I love the bit where pudding is laughing at your
    DVD. ..
    I can picture you two messing about as you
    do ..
    this is just the best thing ever I can’t wait for pudding to be with you both
    hope the next visit will be great to …xxxx

  3. So so pleased for you both. Your going to be wonderful parents. I can’t wait for my son and his partner to be doing the same as you xx

  4. That’s really lovely! Can I ask what you felt when you saw him? Was it an instant connection? I think all adopters fear they won’t feel anything when they see their potential child, coul you write more about it if you don’t mind?
    Lovely to be able to follow your journey 🙂

    1. It’s hard to explain really. It felt weird because it felt so right and normal. We were both scared before we met him as we didn’t know if he’d like us/bond with us but it’s like we’ve know him forever.
      He hasn’t been hesitant around us at all x

  5. Are you adopting through a voluntary agency or your local authority/counsil? Which one would you recommend? I once read voluntary agencies give you access to linkmaker from approval panel whereas the local authority tries to find a child for you so I wonder what works best?
    Congratulations on your new addition!
    Lots of love

    1. We’ve gone through Essex CC. We never really looked into other agencies. We didn’t get access to linkmaker as we had already shown interest into Pudding before we were approved. Our friends who have gone through the council have access to linkmaker as soon as they have been approved.

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