As I sit here, writing this blog post on a Monday evening and after having a great day. Knowing that this time next Monday I would have just got in from work after finishing my first day back to work after 5 weeks is pretty shit.

I know I’m very lucky to be able to have 5 whole weeks (5 days adoption days, 2 weeks paternity leave and 2 weeks of annual leave) off getting to know my son and spending this time growing as a family.

I wanted to write this post to get you all up-to-speed of what we have been up to these last 4 weeks and what we plan on doing on my last week off.

Jan 24th

We both started my leave on Friday, January 24th, the day we started transitions with Pudding. To read more on this, click here

Family of 4

We truly started bonding as a family of 4 from the 6th Feb when we brought Pudding home. To read more on this, click here.

This feels like a lifetime ago and that Pudding has been with us from the day he entered the world. We discussed between us both that we would chill indoors for the first week to bond as a family but seeing as Pudding really attached to us early on during transitions, we felt that we could do more with him sooner.

Darran has Makaton every Thursday and seeing that I can no longer take him my mum and dad have offered. I text my mum asking whether she would like to ‘pop in’ to met Pudding before she took Darran to Makaton. I don’t need to tell you what her response was lol. Seeing my mum & dads face’s finally meeting their 3rd grandson was priceless.

Meeting the litte cousins

On Saturday the 9th Feb, we decided to get out of the house and go to our local park so Pudding could meet his new cousins and Auntie Liz. Sam (8) and James (3) have known that we are adopting Pudding from the get-go so they were both eager to meet the new addition to the Fam.

All 3 of them got on like a house of fire. Sam was just adorable, making sure Pudding was having the funniest time, holding his hand and taking him on the rides. James, on the other hand, was just running around like a typical 3-year-old nutter lol. Of course, Nanny and Pops were there too.

Feb 14th

I needed some new work shoes and clothes and Darran just wanted to spend some money. We decided to pop to Lakeside Shopping Centre. Lakeside is a large shopping centre about 15 minutes from us. We didn’t know what to expect but we braved it and got in the car.

He was an angel. He loved it and so did we. As Darran use to work there we bumped into a few of his old work friends and Pudding put on a show lol. Everyone loved him.

He had a little bit of a wobbler when we tried to put him in his pram but apart from that, he was so good.

Saturday 16th

We headed to Schuh where Darran is store manager to get Pudding’s feet measured. Again, we didn’t know what to except because what kid likes getting their feet measured? And again, he was an angel. The girls in Schuh were amazing, so patient and informative. Pudding has one foot bigger than the other which is normal. We tried on a pair of white converse – LOVE, a pair of Vans – LOVE and a pair New Balance – LOVE. We bought all 3 of them.

The 3 aunties

We headed off to Swanley Park on Sunday 17th to meet his 3 amazing aunties. Laura, Steph and Michelle. The day was a beaut one too. I’d never been to this park but OMG, it was so good. There was a big play area, massive pound, splash park (wasn’t working) and train (wasn’t working). These 3 girls have been amazing throughout our adoption journey and we couldn’t wait for Pudding to meet them.

He loved them! We had a walk around the pond and played for a good hour in the park. Pudding had them running around after him lol


Darran’s mum, dad, brother and sister live in Wales so we decided to spend a few days down there before I head back to work and introduced Pudding to the other side of the family.

I love spending time down there, having walks along the beach and drinking red wine and coke with the mother-in-law. I knew Pudding would too. He was showered with so much love, laughter and fun.

We got there on Thursday afternoon and went straight down to the seafront to get ice cream and have a walk along the beach. This was the first time we had taken Pudding to the beach and he loved it and so did Yiayia.

Bampi soon came home from work and then the fun started. Seeing both his Bampa and Yiayia faces light up every time they were with Pudding melted our hearts.

We packed in a lot when we were down there. We ventured to Wiggleys Fun Farm, Mumbles, Caswell and Margam Park

My final week

Today we met 2 of Darran’s friends from work. We went to Wat Tyler Park and spent the day in the February sun.

We are going to meet up with my best friend – Kelly, go for some more forest walks and maybe swimming.

I can’t believe this is my final week and I’m gutted. Its been the best 5 weeks of my life and I can’t wait to grow as a family and have more ‘news’ and to make more memories.

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