We were kindly gifted a weekend stay at Hesperus Lodge by Emma & Geoff. They didn’t ask for us to blog about our stay but we enjoyed it so much we thought we would.

Darran & I celebrated our first wedding anniversary on 21 August 2020 and decided to stay at the Hesperus Lodge which is based in Wellington, Somerset. The drive should have taken us about 2 hours however, I think every Tom, Dick, Harry, Shirley, Jennifer & Susan decided to go away for the weekend as the drive took us 3.5 hours. The drive down was okay (apart from the traffic) until we had to turn off the A38. We moaned (Well, Darran did) about country lanes in Essex but compared to the lanes in Somerset they were nothing. As we drive down, the lanes were getting narrower and the hedges were getting taller. We don’t have a large car, just your standard SUV and I have been driving for over 10-years (and also driven in Grenada) so think of myself as a semi-confident driver. However, these lanes were tiiiiight and a little scary. So after driving 15 minutes down the lanes, we were lost. We came to a bit in the road where the lane was so tight we could barely get down and the hedges were as tall as Darran (he’s 6 foot). As we were in the middle of nowhere we couldn’t get any phone signal. We park up outside this cute little cottage thinking at first this was the lodge. Darran decided to walk in and go up to the front door, which was open but no one was there. This is pretty standard in this part of England. We finally get hold of Emma and it turns out we had driven passed the lodge. So we get back in the car, do a 3-point-turn (which took about 30 as the road was narrow and on a steep hill) to drive back on ourselves.

We Finally Arrive

When we finally arrived at the lodge we were greeted by Emma who took us down to the lodge. She showed us around, gave us a little health and safety speak and left us to mooch around it.

Although the lodge was in their back garden, it felt like it was in the middle of nowhere, it was so quiet and it’s also a dark stop (I think that’s what Geoff called it) so we were looking forward to stargazing.

Pizza Pudding

Emma and Geoff we kind enough to invite us to the Pizza restaurant across the road. This pizza restaurant was in their friends garden and it was the experience. People come from afar to eat here and we can understand why. After munching on these homemade Pizza’s it was time to try the now ‘famous’ Pizza Pudding. It was deeeeeeelish!

We headed back to Emma & Geoffs for some drink before heading to head.


We woke up on Saturday to morning to the stream running down the hill which is just outside the lodge and the birds tweeting. There isn’t anything better than those two noises in the morning.

Tim & Leo had a little wonder down to the stream to find some fish and throw stones (of course, this is Leos favourite thing to do). Darran was busy in the kitchen cooking us a lovely breakfast.

We spent the rest of the day chilling, exploring, playing and just having a relaxing time which we all needed. Leo spent hours hunting for the 3 fairy houses and collected hundreds of fairy hats

If you can get yourself down to Wellington, Somerset and need a relaxing weekend we couldn’t recommend Hespeus Lodge more.

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