Discover Children’s Story Centre

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Disclaimer: We were gifted an all-Day pass with additional Ragdoll & The Tiger Who came to tea tickets. This review wasn’t part of the gifted experience

We decided to get the train to Stratford instead of messing about with the traffic and parking. Plus Pudding loves a train journey.

From where we live, getting to Stratford is pretty easy. We get the train straight to West Ham, onto the Jubilee which is one stop to Stratford. The centre is about a 5-minute walk from the station.

The Morning

If you’re a regular to our blog, you will know that since Pudding came to us we are NEVER on time for anything. I’m pleased to inform that today we were on time. No rushing. No arguing. We managed to get to the station 10 minutes before the train arrived. Getting to the centre way before it opened.

10 am

The centre is open from 10 am to 5 pm every day. When we walked through the doors, we were greeted by some friendly staff directing us to where we needed to go.

We gave them our name, showed them our email confirmation and we were given a wrist band for ‘The Ragdoll Story’ and another for ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’

The Ragdoll (20 mins) was at 10.30 and The Tiger Who Came to Tea was at 14.30 (40 mins). I will just say, check the times. Darran booked these not realising how long they were on for. We had to wait over 3 hours in between the two.

Two Floors of FUN

We were able to have a play for half an hour before being called to ‘The Ragdoll Sory’. This place is insane.

At the heart of Discover are two floors of magical Story Worlds and a Story Garden. These are immersive, exploratory play spaces where children and their imaginations can roam. Adults imagination goes wild too. The Day Pass gives you all-day access to our Story Worlds. Meaning you can come and go as you please.

The first floor had so much to do and explore from musical buttons on the floor, a huge cave, ship, castle and a whole lot more. There was even a section to get creative.

The second floor also had tons to do. There was a slide, a huge spaceship in the middle and clouds as seats. Pudding could have stayed in these rooms all day.

The Ragdoll Story

  • DATES: 14 December to 9 February
  • TIME: 10:30am – 10:55am
  • AGE RANGE: 0-3
  • RUNNING TIME: 25 mins


Our first story session was ‘The Ragdoll Story’. We joined Ragdoll on an interactive adventure to find all the different toys in the toybox and learn how to play with them.

From stacking rings to music boxes, this charming show brings your old favourite toys to life and is a treat for grown-ups and children alike.

This story was so cute and had Pudding hooked from the start. Ragdoll was so interactive and made sure he spoke to every single child in the room. We were lucky enough to go back into the room to have some pictures taken and speak to the crew.

The Tiger Who Came To Tea

  • DATES: Every day until 5 January
  • TIME: 10:10am – 10:50am
  • AGE RANGE: 0-8
  • RUNNING TIME: 40 mins


Pudding loves this book which his Aunty Lisa bought him. as do most children so we were super excited to be doing this immersive exhibition. It started with us being ushered into this little room, kids sitting on the floor looking at a curtain. 

The experience started with someone reading extracts from the book. After a couple of minutes, the lady opened the curtains which revealed THE KITCHEN.

After all the fun in the kitchen, we were taken into another world! It was insane.

Mog The Forgetful Cat

We were asked to go in and explore the garden, vets, book shops, bus, shop at the fruit and veg store stop off at the hardware supplies and play in the fishmongers. All doing this while finding the toy rabbits and eggs.

We never got to find any of them as Pudding was too busy going up and down the slide! The boy loves a bloody slide.

You can find more information about Discover: Children’s Story Centre on their website and Instagram page