‘The Father Christmas Experience’

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Disclaimer: We were gifted these tickets with no obligation of writing this review!

Before having Pudding I could never understand seeing parents queuing for hours, waiting in the pissing down rain to see Santa. It was one of my biggest fears of becoming a dad. Even when going through the adoption process I would always say to Darran, ‘God, please don’t make me do that’!

I had NO idea that places like Marsh Farm existed. We were kindly gifted ‘The Father Christmas Experience’. Below I have blogged about our experience which was OUT OF THIS WORLD! Because it was in the North Pole – DUH!

Off We Go

We set off at 8.30 to get there for 9.15 as that was the time we had to get to Passport control. Of course, we were running late BUT we got there on time! YES.

Once we got to Marsh Farm, we were given some information and our own drawn string bag. We take a stroll down to passport control, walking passed the Llama, and pigs.

Passport Control

Once we get to passport control, we sign in and was given our very own passport. We took a seat with all of the other families waiting for it to start. Pudding being Pudding didn’t’ want to sit still. Although I might moan about that, seeing how Pudding has come on, from a little toddler not saying a word to now not shutting up I would have the latter all day long.

Anyway, we were greeted by Pine, Star and Muffin. The elves who would take us on this Father Christmas Experience. They introduced themselves, got the kids all excited and explained what was going to happen.

Elf Academy

The first stop was the Elf Academy where we were greeted by Pixie and Trixie. They explained all about the Elf Academy and that we all had to pass this to be able to see Mother Christmas and finally Father Christmas.

This is where Pudding was given in magic wand being taught some elf magic

The Enchanted Forest

WOW! We met Shiver the Elf who explained all about the Enchanted Forest, about the magical animals who lived there. 

Shivers then went on to discuss the Polar Bear she saved and help but who also ripped one of the elf’s scarf. Out of nowhere, this fully-grown polar bear started walking around. Even I found it brilliant.

She explained that she found and helped the polar bear who now lives in the Enchanted Forest but she ripped apart an elves scarf. They needed one kid to look after the scarf until they got to Mother Christmas who would be able to fix it.

She only went and chose Pudding!

Shivers also spoke about the snow in the Enchanted Forest and that it’s made from the wishes of little kids. She would go on and ask for the kids to make wished and would catch them in the air. 

For it to snow, all the kids had to use their magic and BAM! it snowed!

Mother Christmas

Before we would enter to see Mother Christmas all the kids had to go through the elf door and the adults through, well the adult’s door. All the kids started bundling through the elves door and we were in two minds whether to let Pudding go on his own or one of us go with him.

We let him go on his own (it was 2 seconds) but we were both panicking internally. There was perspex glass so we would be able to see him. BUT I COULDN’T. There was another mum in the way, checking on her kids. I politely nudged her forward but still couldn’t see Pudding. Eventually, I saw him, right under the window, he’s still so small but he was fine.

When we got into Mother Christmas’ kitchen, all of the kids sat down the front and the adult’s hand around the sides/back. Another first! We didn’t know who he would act/be without us by him. I gave him the scarf and he said listening to Mother Christmas intensely.

Pine the elf then explained to Mother Christmas that the polar bear had ripped the scarf and it needed fixing. They then called Pudding’s name to go up and hand the scarf. I started walking forward to help him.

He didn’t need our help. He got up from the seat, walked to Mother Christmas, handed her the scarf, walked back and sat down. ALL BY HIMSELF. I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud of him in all the time he’s been with us. I’m even getting all teary writing this. I only wish I got it on camera.

They then had a little sing-song to fix the scarf and then make some gingerbread men.

Father Christmas

We then went off to wait to see Father Chrismas, to get into the waiting area, we had to go outside and then through this tunnel. It was covered in fake snow. As it was windy, the fake snow was blowing around making it look like it was snowing. It was magical!

We only had to wait for about10 minutes before being called in to see Father Christmas.

Walking down the corridor It was all decked out. It felt like we were in Father Christmas’ house. As we went to enter the room where Father Chrismas was, Pudding wasn’t too sure so Darran picked him up.

As soon as he saw Father Christmas he knew exactly who he was. ‘Santa’ he said. Pudding sat next to him without any issues but was more interested in the Reindeers around the room.

We were in there for about 10 minutes, had our picture taken and left. We weren’t rushed at all.

With the entry ticket, we were also given a teddy bear to pick and stuff. Once we completed this we went off to the shop to pick our very own toy. Pudding picked a truck.